150J,300J Computer Displayed Semi-automatic Impact Testing Machine,

150J,300J Computer Displayed Semi-automatic Impact Testing Machine

150J,300J Computer Displayed Semi-automatic Impact Testing Machine, Pendulum Impact Testing Equipment

1. Introduction:

The machine can be used for the determination of anti-impact performance of metal materials when it is under dynamic loading, thus judged the quality of materials under dynamic loading. It is applicable for the laboratory, which does continuous compact tests, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, and other industries.

2. Main Technical Parameters:

2.1. Impact energy (J):150,300; 
2.2. Impact speed: 5.2m/s;            
2.3. Raising angle of pendulum: 150°
2.4. Span of support (mm): 40; 
2.5. Round angle of support: R1.0- 1.5mm; 
2.6. Round angel of impact knife: R2.0- 2.5mm; 
2.7. Distance between pendulum center and impact point (mm):750; 
2.8. Dimension of sample (mm):10×10×55;   
2.9. Power supply: 380V±10%, 50Hz;   
2.10. Overall dimension L×W×H mm: 2124×600×1340; 
2.11. Weight: 450kg   
3. Function and Features:

The machine with the semi-automatic control, operates easily and efficiently. It uses the electric control the knife of impact to rise, impact and fall. Moreover, the machine can use the remaining energy to rise and fall to prepare the next test automatically after thrusting specimens.



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