300J manual pointer display metal chapry impact testing machine

The EJB-300 manual semi-automatic metal charpy impact testing machine is used to determine the resistance of metal materials to impact under dynamic load, and to judge the quality of the material under dynamic load.

 The principle machine of the testing machine has single supporting column structure, cantilever type pendulum hanging mode, the pendulum body is U-shaped. The impact cutter is installed and fixed by screws and is convenient and easy to be replaced. The specimen is supported via simply by supported beam. Safety guard pin is arranged on the principle machine which is also provided with safety guard net.


1. You need to control rising pendulum, quitting pin, impact and release pendulum by  pressing the control button. 

2. You need to put the specimen on the support by hand every time.

3. After finishing the impact, you can read the impact energy by pointer on the dial.

Technical parameters:

1. Impact energy: 300J, 150J

2. Pendulum force value (impact constant):

0—300J M=160.7695N.m

0-150J M=80.3848N.m

3. Swing and rising angle: 150.

4. Distance from the center of the pendulum to the strike center: 750mm,

5. Impact speed: 5.2m/s

6. Sample support span: 40mm

7. Radius of the sample holder end arc: R1-1.5mm

8. Impact knife arc radius: R2-2.5mm

9. The angle between the two inclined faces of the impact knife: 30°±1°

10. Impact knife thickness: 16mm

11. Specimen size: (10±0.1)*(10±0.1)*(55±0.1)mm

12. Weight: about 450Kg

13. Dimensions: 2124 × 600 × 1340mm

14. Power supply: three-phase four-wire system 50Hz 380V 180W (main motor)



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