bicycle helmet impact test

bicycle helmet impact test

This machine specially test fire helmets impact resistance performance, can also do the anti-penetration properties test. Determination of fire helmets impact resistance performance, put the special head model with a good helmet(aluminium magnesium alloy materials) installed in the high sensitivity of the sensor, then use the 5kg hammer from 1 m height of impact, and the high sensitivity strength induction device detect the impact instantaneous force value to judge helmet shock absorption performance is good or bad.

1. Impact drop hammer: Hammer Quality: 5-5.01kG; Hammer is hemispherical wit radius diameter 48mm, 45# steel.
2. Puncture cone: Cone uality:3-3.05kG; Cone angle is 60 °, tip diameter 1mm, length 40mm, diameter28mm, hardness HRC45.
3. Drop height: 1000mm, Drop height can be adjusted.
4. Load measuring system: Dynamic load sensor, measuring range 0-20KN, frequency is larger than 5kHz, Load accuracy: ± 2% full scale, load resolution: 1N
5. Equipped with 1#, 2# Al-Si alloy test mode 1 (as GB/t 2812-2006 provisions in Appendix A)
6. Electromagnetic release point can be adjusted according to the needs around.
7. Load frame: Automatic suction control by electromagnet suspension and release of puncture impact hammer, Puncture cone.
7.Base: Strong anti-Impact structure to guarantee installation of load sensor
8. Pucture alarm device: When the puncture cone contact head mode, the device will prompt a siren alarm and flashing lights
9. LED digital display: Accurate to 1N, automatically save the large value
Applied Standard:
GB/T 2812-2006 ‘The helmet test methods’
GB/T 2811-2007 ‘Safety helmet’



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