charpy impact test for steel

charpy impact test for steel

Impact testing machine is used to determine the resistance of metal materials to impact under dynamic load, so as to judge the quality of the material under dynamic load.

This machine is a semi-automatic control test machine with simple operation and high efficiency. It can control the pendulum, impact and pendulum electrical appliances, and can use the remaining energy after punching the sample to automatically pendulum to prepare for the next test, especially suitable for continuous operation. Impact test laboratory and metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and other industries that do a lot of impact tests. The B-type impact tester complies with the national standard GB / T3808-2002 "Inspection of Pendulum Impact Tester", and performs the impact test on metal materials according to the national standard GB / T229-2007 "Charpy Pendulum Impact Test Method for Metal Materials".

Technical characteristics:

1. The main machine of the testing machine has a single supporting column structure, a cantilever hanging pendulum, and a U-shaped pendulum body.

2. The impact knife is fixed by screws, which is easy to replace;

3. Sample simply supported beam support;

4. The main machine is equipped with safety protection pins and equipped with safety protection nets;

5. The testing machine is semi-automatically controlled. The pendulum, hanging pendulum, impact, and pendulum are all electrically controlled, and the remaining energy after punching the sample can be used to automatically prepare the pendulum for the next test. It is especially suitable for continuous impact. Test laboratory and a large number of metallurgy and machinery manufacturing departments doing impact tests;

6. The testing machine complies with the national standard GB / T3803-2002 "Inspection of Pendulum Impact Tester", and performs the impact test on metal materials according to the national standard GB / T229-2007 "Metal Charpy Notch Impact Test Method".

Technical indicators:

1. Impact energy: 300J (sledgehammer) 150 (small hammer)

2. Impact speed: 5.2m / s

3. Pre-lifting angle of pendulum: 150 °

4. Span of sample support: 40mm

5. Round corners of support jaw: R1.0 ~ 1.5mm

6. Fillet of impact blade: R2.0 ~ 2.5mm R8mm

7. The distance from the center of the pendulum to the impact point: 750mm

8. Standard sample size: 10 * 10 (7.5 or 5) * 55mm

9. Pendulum moment: M = 160.7695N.m 80.3848N.m

10. Power supply and power: 3phase 4line 50Hz 380V 180W

11. Dimensions: 2100 * 650 * 1900mm

12. Angle accuracy: 0.1 °

13. Weight: about 500Kg


Clutch Torque force 630N.m 1000N.m
Impact energy 300J 150J 500J 250J
Value of every grid 2J 1J 5J 2.5J
Pendulum Moment 160.7695N.m 80.3848N.m 267.9492N.m 133.9746N.m
Impact Speed 5.2m/s 5.4m/s
Distance between pendulum center and sample center 750mm 800mm
Pendulum Preparing angle     150°
Sample seat span 40mm

jaw fillet of specimen seat

R (1.0 ~ 1.5) mm (1mm is special order)

the blade curvature radius

R (2.0 ~ 2.5) mm (8mm is special order)

sample size  10 *10 (7.5 or 5) * 55 mm        

Power supply

380V 50Hz 250W/380W

Equipment main configuration:

1. 300 Joule host;

2. Each of 150J and 300J pendulums;

3. Motor (mounted on the host); 1

4. Hexagon wrench S = 12 (screw socket seat platen screw) 1 piece;

5. One support adjuster;

6. One sample centerer;

7. Disassembler (for swing) 1 piece;

8. 4 ground screws;

9. Adjust the oblique iron 4 pieces;

10. Protective net 1 set;




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