charpy impact test machines specifications

charpy impact testing machine specifications

I. Impact energy
Max. Impact energy: 300J 150J 170J 85J
II. Dial range & division
Measuring range: 0-300J 0-150J 0-170J 0-85J
Min. Resolution of impact energy: 2J 1J 2J 1J
III. Pendulum moment
Impact energy: 300J 150J 170J 85J
Pendulum moment: 160.7695N· M 80.3848N· M 91.1027N· M 45.5514N· M
IV. Rising angle
Rising angle: 150º 150º 93º 93º
V. Power & Size
Power: AC 380V, 50Hz, 3 phases 4 lines, 180W
Size of specimen: 10 x 10 x 55 mm (U, V 2mm Notches)
Working condition
A) Ambient temperature: 10-35
B) Relative humidity: ‰¤ 85%
C) Around it without corrosive medium
D) Installing on the concrete groundwork, which thickness is not less than 300mm. Or fixing on the base, which weight is over 880kg.
E) Levelness of installing datum plane of machine base is 0.5/1000.&



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