drop hammer impact testing machine

drop hammer impact testing machine

drop weight impact tester mainly used to execute falling hammer impact test for pipe plastic, glass, ceramic material or products, then to judge the anti-impact performance of the material. 

 Conform with standard: ISO4422  

*** 1, Automatic falling hammer impact tester adopt PLC control, avoid passive secondary impact, automatically hang the hammer, automatically lift hammer to set height position etc.; *** 2, Equipped with digital display screen to indicate the real time test result like impact height etc.;    

Model 300B
Hammer weight 0.250— 15.000kg(0.125 increment)
Working bench stroke 0— 400mm
Specimen diameter φ 10— φ 400mm(more big is available)
Radius of hammer head R5, R10, R30mm, R50 (D25, D90 is Optional)
Impact height 2000mm
Height position error ± 2mm
Power 220V, 50HZ
Display type Digital display
Dimensions 700mm× 700mm× 3300mm
Weight 450Kg
Standard Accessories Loadframe, Electronic control box, hammer block, power cord, manual etc



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