helmet drop test equipment

The impact resistance performance of the helmet, the special human head model with the helmet is set on the sensor with high sensitivity. Then, the hammer with a mass of 5kg is used to make the impact at a height of 1m, and the force value of the impact moment is measured by the highly sensitive force induction device, so as to judge the impact absorption performance of the helmet.

When determining the hardhat's penetration resistance test, first fix the head mold on the base to form a closed circuit with the steel cone and the electric contact display device, then drop the safety helmet with 3KG steel cone from a height of 1m and observe the electric contact display device after the puncture.Determine the penetration resistance of the helmet.

Impact test:

Weight of steel hammer: 5kg+0.01kg, head of hammer is half spherical: 96mm in diameter.

Weight of steel cone: 3+ 0.05kg, Angle of cone 60 points, radius of cone tip 0.5mm, minimum length of cone type 40mm.

Height of drop hammer: 1m

The strongest sensor in the shaft impact test: 50000N, frequency response: 5~1000Hz

(4) the power supply of the buzzer is 1.5v and the number 5 battery is three

(5) accessories: 1. Piercing hammer, one.2. Impact hammer, one.3. Force value display table, one piece.

Control System

The impact dynamometer is composed of charge amplifier and peak force meter.The impact force measuring system is formed with the piezoelectric sensor to measure and maintain the instantaneous impact force.

Display with four-digit and semi-led digital panel table, fast response, clear and accurate, and long maintenance time (permanent).


Main Technical parameter

(1) Test range:




(2) Resolution: 1N (50N~500N)

(3) Measurement error: ≤5%

(4) Response time: 1s

(5) Pulse width >10ms ,pulse rising along >20 mg s

(6) Power supply: 220V±10%,50HZ (customized)


Environment and working conditions

1.Room temperature is 10 ℃ to 35 ℃ range;The relative humidity is no more than 80%;

2.In the clean environment without vibration, corrosive medium and strong electromagnetic interference;

3. The fluctuation range of power supply voltage shall be within 10% of rated voltage of soil;

4. Properly install on a firm foundation.



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