impact testing machine for plastic

impact testing machine for plastic

1.Display mode: color touch screen (Chinese and English) 2.Angle sensor brand and accuracy: original imported Omron encoder, accuracy to 0.01° 3.Energy display accuracy: 0.01J 4.Impact speed: 3.5m/s; 5.Pendulum energy: 11J, 22J  11J Pd11=5.6711N.m 22J Pd22=11.3419N.m   6.Pendulum angle: 150° 7.Distance from the center of the pendulum to the impact blade: 335mm 8.Distance from impact blade to upper plane of jaw: 22mm 9. Included angle of blade: 75±l° 10Blade radius: R=0.8±0.2mm 11.Machine weight: 85kg 12.Power supply voltage: AC220V±10% 50HZ



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