Digital Plastic Charpy Impact Testing Machine

Digital Charpy Impact Testing Machine

Product Description

Digital Charpy Impact Testing Machine is mainly used to measure the impact toughness of rigid plastic, reinforced nylon, fiberglass, ceramics, cast stone, insulation materials and other non-metallic materials. It is the ideal testing equipment in the chemical industry, scientific research institutes, universities and quality testing departments.


1. Digital Charpy Impact Testing Machine is a kind of intelligent digital testing machine using the microcomputer technology. It is advanced that it can automatically correct the energy loss caused by friction and windage to modify the energy chart, getting rid of the resistance effect. (The detection of the pendulum energy after specimen fracture and the correction of energy loss are finished during the impact at once)

2. Digital Charpy Impact Test Machine test results of plastic digital charpy impact testingmachine are electrically displayed to make the reading more intuitive, improving the precision and accuracy of the impact machine.

3. Digital Charpy Impact Test Machine otary encoder Park grating angle measurement technology is used by the instrument to display the thrusting energy, impact strength, pre-Yang angle, up angle, the average angle and the energy loss corrected automatically, with the advantages of high accuracy ,good stability and a large measure range.


Impact velocity


Pendulum energy

1J,4J,5Jor 7.5J, 15J, 25J, 50J

Distance from the pendulum center to the specimen center


Pendulum tilt angle


Jaws bearing distance


Supporting blade radius


Impact blade angle


Impact blade radius



2J,4J and 5.5J impact weight

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