the izod impact testing machine

the izod impact testing machine

Digital IZOD&Charpy Impact Testing Machine  


Digital IZOD&Charpy Impact Testing Maching is mainly used in hard plastic (including plank, materials, plastic profile), the increase of nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ceramic, and cast stone, electrical insulating materials etc. Nonmetal material impact toughness is determined.


Digital IZOD&Charpy Impact Testing Machine

1. Chinese/English characters LCD shows the results, the storage of test results. 

2.  Digital IZOD&Charpy Impact Testing Machine has the energy loss to be automatic correction function.

3. Simple structure, convenient operation, data accurate and reliable.


Designing standard:  ISO 179, GB/T 1043 and the equivalent.


Digital IZOD&Charpy Impact Testing Machine  

mpact energy

0.5 J,1 J,2 J,4 J,5 J

7.5 J,15 J,25 J,50 J

Impact speed

2.9 m/s

3.8 m/s

Starting angle



 of striker

M0.5=0.26795 Nm  M1=0.53590 Nm 

M2=1.07180 Nm  M4=2.14359 Nm M5=2.67949 Nm

M7.5=4.01924 Nm   M15=8.03848 Nm

M25=13.39746 Nm   M50=26.79492 Nm

Distance between shaft and center of specimen

230 mm

395 mm

Corner radius of striking edge


Included angle of striking edge


Corner radius of vice


Support span

62 mm





Energy loss

0.5J—4%;1.0J—2%; 2.J—1%;4.0J—0.5%

7.5 J-50 J—0.5%;


L x W x H=(420 x 250x 650) mm

L x W x H=(550 x 300 x 890) mm



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