drop weight impact test machine

  • astm drop weight impact test
  • astm drop weight impact test
astm drop weight impact testastm drop weight impact test

astm drop weight impact test

  • drop weight impact testing machine
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  • drop hammer impact testing machine
  • astm drop weight impact test
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DWT-2000 astm drop weight impact test

Application & Features:

The machine is specially designed to determine Nil-Ductility transition (NDT) temperature of ferritic steels. NDT temperature is the highest temperature at which the specimen fractures. It means the highest temperature at which the steel material with small cracks fractures under dynamic yield stress. This test method is that raise the striker to a specific height then release, free drop striker impacts the specimen and realize dynamic loading. After impact, evaluate the specimen and adjust cooling temperature, conduct many times test to get NDT temperature.

It confirms to Standards: ASTM E208 -‘Standard Test Method for Conducting Drop-Weight Test to Determine Nil-Ductility Transition Temperature of Ferritic Steels’.

Technical specifications:

Model DWT2000
Maximum impact energy(J) 2000
Minimum impact energy(J) 300
Striker weight (kg) 70
Max. striker weight 300kg;
Striker weight accuracy ±2%
impact height 200mm-3200mm
Striker raising speed Approx. 7m/min

raising Height resolution 0.1mm
raising Height accuracy ±0.5%
Hammer blade hardness HRC≥50
Hammer-blade curvature radius R25mm
Anvils hardness HRC≥50
Anvils curvature radius R15±0.1mm,R20±0.1mm
Difference   between   Hammer-blade ≤±2.5mm
center and Anvils center
Specimen anvil span 305±0.5mm,100±0.5mm
Dimension of specimen(mm) 360X90X25, 130X50X20,130X50X16
Dimension of load frame 1800×1600×5200 (mm)
Gross weight 3000kg
Power supply Five-wire, three-phase 380V 10A

Scope of Delivery

1.  Main frame (including four columns, 2 oriented-column, base, roof plate)

2.  Winding device

3.  Hammer hanging/releasing device

4. Drop hammer (hammer weight basis of 50kg, the final configuration 300 kg, with weights: 24 pcs of 10kg, 2 pcs of 5kg)

5.  Anvil (including supporting anvil and the termination anvil)

6.  Safety device

7.  Semi-automatic specimen carrying & positioning device

8.  Digital control & operation system

9.  High and low temperature devices (optional)

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