impact testing machine

  • charpy impact test machine price
charpy impact test machine price

charpy impact test machine price

  • impact testing machine
  • impact testing machine price
  • charpy impact test machine price
  • mechanical impact test
  • Product description: charpy impact test machine price

charpy impact test machine price

1.Application of charpy impact test machine:

JB-C Semi-automatic charpy impact test machine is used for measuring the metal material resistance performance under dynamic load, in order to determine the material properties under dynamic load.
It’s a necessary testing machine, not only used in the metallurgy, machine manufacture etc areas, but also used for the science research.

2.Features of charpy impact test machine:
2.1 Main frame is dual prop, shaft simply supported beam supporting, hanging pendulum, a reasonable distribution of radial load bearing host stiffness, particularly suitable for large energy impact test.
2.2 Standard dual-stage reducer mention hammer, smooth operation.
2.3 Hanging pendulum device using buffer device, hanging pendulum steady.
2.4 Pendulum 3D design, to ensure the combat center accurate, precise moment the pendulum.
2.5 Shock knife with screw mounting, easy replacement.
2.6 Main frame is equipped with safety pins, and is equipped with a fully enclosed safety net.

3.Technical Specifications of charpy impact test machine:
Model JB-300C JB-450C JB-600C JB-750C
Control Method Electric Control
Max. Impact Energy 300 J 450 J 600 J 750 J
Impact Speed 5.24 m/s
Pre-rising Angle Of The
Angle Accuracy ±0.1°
Specimen Bearer Span 40 mm
Round Angle Of The Jaw R 1.0~1.5 mm
Round Angle Of Impact Edge R 2.0~2.5 mm (Special Order: R8±0.05 mm)
Thickness Of Impact Knife 16 mm
The Distance Between The
Pendulum Shaft And Impact
750 mm
Standard Specimen Dimension 10 * 10 (7.5 or 5) * 55 mm
Pendulum 300 J, 1 PC 450 J, 1 PC 600 J, 1 PC 750 J, 1 PC
Dimensions 2200*800*2100 mm
Net Weight 750 KG
Power Supply Three-phase Four-wire System 380V, 50Hz

charpy impact test machine

5.10 Impact testing security guards----1 pc

5.11 Touching screen control panel/ PC software

JBS-300B 300J/150J Touch Screen Digital Pendulum Metal Impact Tester

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