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charpy impact test stainless steel

charpy impact test stainless steel

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Charpy impact test machine

Charpy impact test machine

JBS Digital Charpy Impact Test Machine mainly used to determine the anti-impact capability of ferrous metal materials with high toughness, especially for steel and iron material and their alloy, under dynamic load impacting.

This Charpy Impact Test Machine can be operated semi-automatically. The pendulum of the machine can be raised or released automatically by button pressed. The equipment is controlled by PLC and indicator by 7 inch touch LCD screen. It has data store and printing function. They are essential testing instruments for quality testing section, university and college, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise. The machine can do the test according to ASTM E23 and ISO 148 or other equal standards.

Charpy impact test machine

Two Pendulums (big and small) and two scale reading for each testing machine which enlarge the test range of energy.

Pendulum rising, impact, free releasing is realized as automatically by control remote and LCD controller.

Safety pin guaranties the impact action.

Fully PLC control and I/O data processing.

Test data store and printing function.

*Dial gauge and digital out put synchronous test result.

*Protection shell avoids the hit and break sample splashing.

*Sample and support are easy centering.

*Electromagnetic clutch hold the rasing pendulum. Power sudden off still in safety.

*Easy installation and operation.

Charpy impact test machine

Parameters JBS-300 JBS-500 JBS-800

Impact energy 150J; 300J 250J; 500J 500J, 800J

Pendulum moment 80.3848/160.7695 133.9746/267.94 92 267.9492/7190

Result indicator Dial and LCD screen

Sensor type Photoelectric Encoder

Impact velocity 5.2m/s 5.4m/s 5.9m/s

Raising angle 150° 150° 150°

Striker tip angle 30° 30° 30°

Anvil taper angle 11° 11° 11°

Pendulum Pole length 750 mm 800 mm 750

Standard Sample span 40mm 40mm 40mm

Round angle radius of Grips R1-1.5mm R1-1.5mm R1-1.5mm

Round angle radius of striking edge R2-2.5mm R2-2.5mm R2-2.5mm

Power supply 3 Phase, 380V, 50Hz/60Hz

Dimension 2100× 650× 1900 mm 2450 × 1200 × 2455mm

Weight(Kg) 600kg 900kg 2000kg

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