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charpy test machine

charpy test machine

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Model JBS-300 charpy test machine
Application & Features of charpy test machine:
This product -charpy test machine was strictly designed according to national standard GB/T3038 “Inspection for
pendulum Impact Testing Machine” and GB/229 “Charpy notch Impact Test Method for metal
material”. It is also accordance with international standard ISO148, EN100045 and ASTM E23.
It is mainly used to determine the anti-impact capability of metal materials under dynamic load.
It is the ideal testing equipment for many metal material manufactories, quality inspection
departments and universities. The result will display on both digital display and dial gauge, with
PLC control, its reliability is very good, JBS Series can use pendulum’s residual impact energy
to achieve the raising again of pendulum, so it’s applicable for batch testing tasks.
Main Technical Specifications of charpy test machine:
1. Impact energy: 150J, 300J
2. Impact velocity: 5.2m/s
3. Raised angle :150º
4. Standard span: 40mm
5. Round angle of jaws: R1-1.5mm
6. Round angle of striking Edge: R2-2.5
7. Size of specimen: 10 x 10 x 55mm
8. Power supply: 3 phs, 380V, 50Hz, 180W
9. Dimensions: 2044 x 736 x 1390mm
10. Net Weight: 450kG
11. Display: LCD display & Dial Gauge
Standard Accessories
1. Big Pendulum (300J): 1 pc
2. Small Pendulum (150J): 1 pc
3. Span specimen plate (L = 40mm): 1 pc
4. Specimen centering plate (L = 40mm)(U, V): 1 pc
5. Detacher: 1 pc
6. Simple-head spanner (S=30mm): 1 pc
7. Inner-hexagon spanner (S=12mm): 1 pc
8. Anchor bolts (M16x300mm): 4 pcs
12. Grips (including support) (R=1mm): 1 pair
13. LCD Display
Optional accessories:
1. Full-close Aluminum- alloy Safe cabin 1 set
2. ASTM E23 striking edge (R8mm) 1 pc
3. Self centering tong for setting charpy test specimen 1 pc

charpy test machine

digital impact testing machine

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