helmet impact testing machine

  • helmet impact penetration machine
  • helmet impact penetration machine
helmet impact penetration machinehelmet impact penetration machine

helmet impact penetration machine

  • helmet impact testing machine for sale
  • helmet impact test
  • helmets impact and penetration test machine
  • Helmet impact puncture Penetration Test Machine
  • Product description: helmet impact testing machine is is mainly for testing the resistance and tolerance of safty helmet from impacting and puncturing.

Factory helmet impact test factory helmet impact strength tester helmet impact penetration machine


This machine specially test fire helmets impact resistance performance, can also do the anti-penetration properties test. Determination of fire helmets impact resistance performance, put the special head model with a good helmet (aluminium magnesium alloy materials) installed in the high sensitivity of the sensor, then use the 5kg hammer from 1 m height of impact, and the high sensitivity strength induction device detect the impact instantaneous force value to judge helmet shock absorption performance is good or bad.

helmet impact penetration machine


Determination of the helmet antipenetration properties test, first fix the head model on the base, make head model,Steel cone and electrical contact display device to form a closed circuit, then put 3kg steel cone from 1 m height fall to puncture helmet, after puncture observation electrical contact display device. Judge helmet anti-penetration properties is good or bad.


Item Safety Helmet Impact Puncture Tester
Drop Hammer Impact Hammber, Puncture Hammber
Impact Hammber Weight 5 + 0.01kg
Radius of Impact Hammer R=48mm
Material of Impact Hammer 45 # steel
Force Sensor 20KN
Test Range


Min. Reading 1N
Puncture Hammer Weight 3 + 0.05kg
Puncture Hammer Cone Angle 60 °
Radius of Puncture Hammer Cone R=0.5mm
Length of Puncture Hammer 40mm
Max. Diameter of Puncture Hammer 28mm
Drop Height 1000mm±5mm
Power 220V, 50Hz


EN 397 standard

helmets European Standard EN 397:1995

GB / T 2812-2006: Test method for safety helmet

ISO 3873: Industrial safety helmets

GB2811-2007: Safety Helmet

Other international Safety Helmet Test Method


1, Drop hammer and hammer to replace simple operation.

2,With automatic guidance system to ensure accurate impact hammer and hammer down exactly hit the helmet.

3, The puncture hammer adopt a closed circuit, will alarm after puncture

4, wallop professional precision sensors, range is 2t, accuracy is ± 0.02%.

5, LED digital display, auto-save maximum force.

6, The height of impact hammer and puncture hammber can be adjustable.

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