Manual Impact Testing Machine

  • 300j ​Manual impact test machine
  • 300j ​Manual impact test machine
300j ​Manual impact test machine300j ​Manual impact test machine

300j ​Manual impact test machine

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  • 300j ​Manual impact test machine
  • Product description: 300j ​Manual impact test machine can be used to measure the impact resisting performance of the material.

300j Manual impact test machine

Application & Features of Manual Impact Testing Machine :
This kind of Manual Impact Testing Machine is used to measure the anti-impact ability of metals under the dynamic load, determine the quality of the material and impact toughness of the material.

The Manual Impact Testing Machine is especially suitable for ferrous materials with big impact toughness, such as steel,iron and their alloy etc. it can be used for impact test of metals in laboratory of research institutes, colleges and universities, metallurgy & mechanic-building factories.
Main Technical Specifications of Manual Impact Testing Machine:
1. Max. Impact energy: 300J
2. Measuring ranges & graduation: 0-300J, 2J/div; 0-150J, 1J/div
3. Impact velocity: 5m/s
4. Raised angle :135º
5. Span between specimen seats: 40mm
6. Round angle of jaws: R1-1.5mm
7. Round angle of striking Edge: R2-2.5mm
8. Size of specimen: 10x10x55mm (Standard)
9. Dimensions: 1000 x 630 x 1520 mm
10. Weight: 320KG
Standard Accessories
1. Big Pendulum (300J): 1pc
2. Small Pendulum (150J): 1 pc
3. Grip: 1 pair
4. Adjustable plate for grip span (L=40mm): 1 pc
5. Adjustable plate for specimen (L=40mm): 1 pc
6. Anchor Bolt: 4 pcs
7. Adjustable iron cushion: 3 pcs
8. Brake strip: 1 pc
9. Tool kit: 1 set
10. Dust cover: 1 pc

300j Manual impact test machine

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